Installation on Debian Server 11

Support for Debian 11 is currently experimental and not yet finished.

Users who wish to have more control over their system and have the required knowledge can install cherryEPG also on Debian 11 - bullseye.

Make your system up and running first.

Now download the cherryepg.deb packet for Debian from our web-page with


and install it by running

apt install ./cherryepg.deb

During the installation of the package a new user cherryepg will be added to the system. This user is used for all cherryepg tasks. Set a password for the new user by running

passwd cherryepg

Now open a new ssh connection to the server and login as the new user cherryepg to continue with the installation process.

Get the cherryEPG software from the repository by running

cd cherryTool;git pull

Install required perl dependencies by running

cherryUpdate -d

Sometimes you need to run this command multiple times as there are cross dependencies. When you get

--> Working on .
Configuring /var/lib/cherryepg/cherryTool ... OK
<== Installed dependencies for .. Finishing.

you are on the right side.

Finally run

cherryUpdate -r

to set-up a demo configuration. During this you will have to confirm to clear database.

The last step is to install/launch services to be running in background. These are the output stream carousel ringelspiel and the web-application cherryWeb. The script will do the real job and install systemd user services

cherryUpdate -s

Now you can connect to the web-interface https://ip_address_of_your_new_system:12323 and login as cherryepg user. Read more.

login screen

enter credentials