Install on Debian Linux

Users who wish to have more control over their system and have the required knowledge can install cherryEPG also on Debian 11 - bullseye.

Make your system up and running first.

Installation of cherryepg package

Download the .deb package for Debian from our web-page with

wget -O /tmp/cherryepg.deb

and install it with the package manager

apt install /tmp/cherryepg.deb

During the installation of the package a new user cherryepg will be added to the system.

All cherryepg related tasks must be done as cherryepg user. Modifications on the cherryepg application as a different user is not recommended as it may affect correct operation.

Set a password for the new user by running

passwd cherryepg

Now you can connect to the web-interface https://ip_address_of_your_new_system:12323 and login as cherryepg user. Read more.

login screen

enter credentials