Install on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is very popular among users who mainly use Windows for their daily work. Therefore we’ve prepared also special installation packages for this Linux distribution.

Currently two Ubuntu versions are supported, each having it’s dedicated .deb package:

Make your system up and running first.

Installation of cherryepg package

Download the correct .deb package from our web-page with

Ubuntu Server 21.10

wget -O /tmp/cherryepg.deb

Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

wget -O /tmp/cherryepg.deb

and install it with the package manager

apt install /tmp/cherryepg.deb

During the installation of the package a new user cherryepg will be added to the system.

All cherryepg related tasks must be done as cherryepg user. Modifications on the cherryepg application as a different user is not recommended as it may affect correct operation.

Set a password for the new user by running

passwd cherryepg

Now you can connect to the web-interface https://ip_address_of_your_new_system:12323 and login as cherryepg user. Read more.

login screen

enter credentials