Cherry blossom

cherryEPG is a tool suite for generating and playing of DVB Event Information Tables

The Electronic Program Guide generated by cherryEPG is according to standard DVB EN 300 468 and technical specification TS 101 211. Thus suitable for any broadcaster or network operator to use in their cable, satellite or terrestrial distribution network.


Full EPG service
Generation of EIT present/following and schedule tables for up to 64 days.
Dynamic data update
DVB Event Information Tables are dynamical generated based on input event schedule.
Multi-Language support
All character sets and language codes defined by standard are supported.
Output interface
MPEG-2 transport stream over IP (raw UDP or RTP), ASI via converter
Various input formats
Event information can be imported from XML, XMLTV, CSV or from SQL databases.
Per segment repetition rate definition.
Robust environment
Running on reliable Linux operating system. EIT generator written in Perl.
Free of charge
cherryEPG is completely free and open source under Artistic License v2.0.