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In the dynamic realm of digital broadcasting, viewers seek not just a plethora of programs but also a seamless guide through the ever-expanding content landscape. Enter cherryEPG – your comprehensive solution for enhancing DVB distribution.

Upgrade your DVB playout system with EPG

cherryEPG is a complete solution for generating a DVB/ISDB compliant data stream with EPG inside. Take input data in various formats and provide your customers the benefit of navigation over TV services through a Electronic Program Guide.

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cherryEPG is the Most Used Solution for DVB EIT Generation. Trusted by operators of cable and IP systems, nationwide terrestrial networks as well as satellite teleport operators, this open-source solution stands for robustness and fast yet easy configurability.

cherryEPG is ideal for replacing your existing legacy EPG solution. Most multiplexers and EDGE QAM on the market are supported. Setup a running system in less than 15 minutes.

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Features of cherryEPG

Explore endless possibilities with the features our software has to offer.

  • Off-line configuration

    Define services, sources for grabbing schedules, output TS, destination multicast, SID and other parameters in a spreadsheet file (XLS, ODS). Just upload the file and the system is configured.

  • DVB PSI/SI compliant table generator

    Generate EIT with present/following and schedule data tables for actual and other services. Compliant with ETSI EN 300 468, ETSI TR 101 211 and ISO/IEC 138181-1. Tested according TR 101 290 with Bridgetech probe . (ISDB also supported)

  • Browser-based GUI

    Control your the whole system through your web browser. Benefit from a streamlined one-page dashboard and check number of events in the database for each channel. Monitor output streams with ease.

  • Event Schedule Data

    Import event data from various sources (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, EMAIL, shared drives) in multiple formats (XML, XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, HTML, JSON). Simple add custom formats.

  • High performance playout

    Generate one or multiple outputs and stream unicast or multicast traffic towards your multiplexers or EDGE QAMs.

  • Physical and virtual server support

    Install cherryEPG on a dedicated server or use an existing virtualization environment. Use the virtualization environment (VMWare/Virtualbox/KVM/Proxmox/…) of your choice.

What users say about

Discover the power of cherryEPG firsthand! Don’t just take our word for it – explore testimonials from our delighted users. Read below to hear what others are saying about the transformative impact of cherryEPG on their broadcasting experience.

  • Alberto image


    star star star star star

    Simple and reliable solution. The kind of software you can install, configure and then forget about. It just works. It's just a shame that we didn't use it sooner.

  • Peter image


    star star star star star

    The support is very knowledgeable and offers not only assistance with installation, but also suggestions for system design and improvements.

  • Jure image


    star star star star star

    The way you configure the software is unusual but very efficient. I wish other software would take the same approach. I never thought EPG could be implemented so easily.

  • Pablo image


    star star star star star

    Easy integration into our ISDB system. The free version also works excellently and fully meets the requirements of our small cable system. Our customers can now use EPG.

  • David image


    star star star star star

    The provided parser allowed us to retrieve schedule data directly from HTML web pages. The support is simply great! 👍

  • Caroline image


    star star star star star

    Integration with our multiplexers was straightforward. Customizing the web interface opens up new business opportunities for us.

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cherryepg is used by

  • AMC Networks International - Southern Europe
  • Red Intercable
  • Telemach Slovenija
  • A1 Slovenija
  • United Teleports
  • Telekom Slovenije
  • RTV Slovenija