There is an interesting quote from a system administrator on the web: “In god we trust, everything else we monitor."

To ensure that systems that have to be active 24/7 are working correctly, they should be monitored. cherryEPG has several options for this purpose.

Outsourcing to other monitoring systems

This job can of course be outsourced. All system-relevant data can be accessed via a web interface. \
You can get a system report in JSON https://ip_address_of_your_system:12323/report.json or TXT https://ip_address_of_your_system:12323/report.txt format.

Notification over e-mail

cherryEPG is already using a centralized logging system. All reports can be routed to the database and to the console. By default it is configured to log only messages with at least info level. This can be changed in the /var/lib/cherryepg/config.yml file.

The section for configuring logging starts with log4perl. Please be carefull when making changes to this as it can stop cherryEPG from working.

config file

configuration for mail notifications

The shown settings work perfectly with gmail accounts. But any other SMTP/SMTPS server should work.

The section relevant for mailing can contain also additional recipients cc, bcc. The mail can be in format with Peter <> or without name, e.g.

log4perl.appender.Mail                = cherryEpg::Log4perlMail
log4perl.appender.Mail.Threshold      = WARN
log4perl.appender.Mail.layout         = Log::Log4perl::Layout::NoopLayout
log4perl.appender.Mail.Host           =
log4perl.appender.Mail.auth           = username:password
log4perl.appender.Mail.doSSL          = starttls,             =             = Peter <>
log4perl.appender.Mail.bcc            =
log4perl.appender.Mail.from           = Watchdog <>
log4perl.appender.Mail.Debug          = 0
log4perl.appender.Mail.warp_message   = 0

You can test the connection to your SMTP server by running cherryTool -Z "This is a check of the mail server"