cherryEpg v2.5.11

  • add new parser TV24HTML, CmsXML, GametoonXLSX, GinxXLSX, GraceXLSX, MediaCSV, WidecastXML, CalendarXML
  • simplified menu structure and additional system information
  • better builder and analyzing tool (5 months ago)
  • conditional internet testing
  • add fast scheme activation button

cherryEpg v2.4.27

  • new parser BDataXML
  • added functionality in AbertisXML parser
  • fix EIT PID=0
  • extend errorhandling on event ingest
  • added fast scheme activation button
  • logging in UTC

cherryEpg v2.4.18

  • new parser YAXML
  • css consolidation
  • support for TITLE tag in EIT option field
  • new add/update .ts file in CLI
  • improved testing and cleaning afterwards

cherryEpg v2.4.15

  • new parser 3ABNTSV, PlusXML, YAXML, TVXMLtelekom
  • added functionality Cloud&Linger
  • compact code indenting

cherryEpg v2.2.03

  • timeout protection when building process is blocking

cherryEpg v2.2.02

  • housekeeping of perl modules
  • migration to perl 5.024

cherryEpg v2.1.36

  • improved reporting in XLS parser
  • bugfix in SimpleXLS and VasKanalXLS parser

cherryEpg v2.1.33

  • improved testing
  • improved web login
  • additional CLI switch -y
  • added support for logging to Graylog

cherryEpg v2.1.30

  • add support for category in TVXMLdirty parser
  • TVXML parser optimization
  • remove EIT chunk from carousel if empty scheme
  • show parser option in web interface
  • add SDT, PAT and PMT option to EIT sheet (autobuild PSI)
  • improved export
  • add category and parental rating to generateSampleScheduleData script
  • better testing
  • allow POST upload of eventdata files
  • update error logging on multigrab
  • fix display of service_id when using XSID
  • new parser (JunoXLS,vScheduleXML)

cherryEpg v.2.1.13

  • add serviceinfo panel and import feature
  • improve carousel listing with PID duplicate testing
  • improve maintenance functionality
  • rewrite and optimize of web interface
  • add RULE sheet

cherryEpg v.2.1.7

  • add maintenance package feature
  • add command line switch to modify description

cherryEpg v.2.1.5

  • fix CSS in web interface
  • restore of erroneously deleted backup scheme functionality
  • update git hook usage for autorestart

cherryEpg v.2.1.3

  • rewrite of multiple functions/modules
  • improved web interface with drag and drop functionality,
  • complete isolation of cherryEPG daemons/processes and task (all are running as non-privileged cherryepg user),
  • update/upgrade from web interface,
  • migration to GitHub
  • new versioning sheme,
  • consolidation of command-line switches,
  • simple 1-step installation procedure (<5 min.),
  • upgrade to PRO from web interface,

cherryWeb v1.70

  • update&upgrade of cherryEPG through web interface

cherryEpg v1.76

  • minor fix in grabber to support sftp
  • upgrade scheme import to calculate number of days from segments

cherryEpg v1.75

  • bugfix in carousel listing
  • improved testing

cherryEpg v1.74

  • new parser with fixed parental rating for adults

cherryWeb v1.64

  • bugfix when calling dvbsnoop in carousel

cherryWeb v1.63

  • redesign of navigation bar
  • minor bugfix

cherryUpdate v1.19

  • added switch to modify environment name

cherryEpg v1.73

  • improved chunk loading error handling

cherryEpg v1.72

  • added carousel handling API
  • refactoring of scheme module

cherryWeb v1.61

  • added carousel manager
  • redesign of setup

cherryTool v1.71

  • new functionalities and command-line switches