The play-out carousel used by cherryEPG can be also used for playing custom chunks. Before this the chunk files need to be converted from .ts to cherry transport stream file format. At the moment this conversion is available only from command-line.

The input to the command is the path of the chunk file and some metadata in JSON format.

Required fields in the JSON formatted string are:

  "dst": "",
  "interval": 2000,
  "title": "my testfile"

The fields are described here cherry transport stream file format.

An example of a final command-line string

cherryTool -U tesfile.ts '{"dst": "", "interval": 2000, "title": "my testfile"}'

The chunk will be imported and prepared for playing.

The initial state of the imported chunk is stopped and needs to be manually started from CLI or web-interface.

After succesfull upload we can list the content of the carousel with

cherryTool -C

which will show something like

cherryTool - v2.5.11 Copyright 2024 Bojan Ramšak
    (flags: *-active playing, s-source .ets available, t-tmp file)        Bitrate  Size
Flags Chunk           Title                      PID  Destination          [bps]   [byte]
   s  20230818131822a my testfile                 18       752      188
 *    eit_033         Dynamic EIT                 18     690085  2587820
 *    eit_034         Dynamic EIT                 18     690085  2587820
 *    eit_035         Dynamic EIT                 18     238534   894504
    3 active chunks

we can start playing the chunk from web interface or by simply running

cherryTool -p 20230818131822a

The imported chunk can be downloaded from the web interface and viewed/edited in the online table editor - psiGen just by drag-and-drop.