The configuration of cherryEPG hardly depends on the program scheme of the DVB/ISDB network in which the installation is used or the output streams are prepared for. Therefore configurations in cherryEPG are called schemas.

The scheme

Our experience from multiple DVB cable, terrestrial or satellite networks is, that most administrators are organizing their systems in a spreadsheet file. There they define service name, service_id, network_id, transport_stream_id and original_network_id which service are on which carrier etc. When configuring devices in their head-end they have to copy or re-type those data to these device. In practice this is very time consuming and fault sensitive. How many times it happens that a typo caused incorrect operation of the system.

In cherryEPG we decided for a different approach. We take this spreadsheet data file and extract the required properties. To be able to extract information from a spreadsheet file the data must be organized in a specific predefined structure.

spreadsheet screenshot

Spreadsheet example

Download basic.xls file

The Structure

The scheme file consists of 3 sheets. They must be named:

  • SERVICE - Contains a list of services with transport stream - TSID, service ID - SID, original network ID - ONID.
  • EIT - Contains configuration of the output streams, transport stream - TSID, destination IP address with port number separated by a colon, e.g., target PID used for the EIT (default 18),
  • CONF - (This is optional.) - general scheme settings
    • DESCRIPTION - short description of the scheme for later reference,
    • XSID - allow different services to have same service ID, whereby a different combination of TSID and ONID is assumed,
    • NOMESH - disable generation of meshed EIT outputs streams - more…,
    • SEMIMESH - limited generation of meshed EIT outputs streams - more…,
    • NOAUTORULE - disable automatic generation of output streams - more…,
    • SALT - salt for generating the upload urls for services,
    • CLOUD - the ip or hostname of the cloud server, when using the Cloud/Linger functionality,

In environments with main and backup servers additional sheets can help to simplify the configuration of cherryEPG with the Main&Backup functionality.

Customize the example scheme to your needs and upload the file to your system. Click the Configuration icon in the Menu and open the Scheme upload wizard. Alternatively you can also drag and drop the file on the configuration manager page.

In the scheme manager page you can upload new scheme files and download or activate old scheme files.