Required hardware

cherryEPG imposes minimal hardware requirements. These depend on the specific configuration of the system. For a setup with up to 40 services and up to 4 EIT output streams, a machine with 2 GB RAM and 2 CPUs should suffice. As the number of services and output streams increases, so do the requirements. Larger installations with over 300 services and more than 20 EIT output streams (QAM) demand hardware with 8 GB RAM and 6-8 CPU cores.

The hard disk size is not critical. Everything above 16 GB HDD is enough. One network interface is required, but two network interfaces are recommended. This allows to having one interface for streaming of the output transport stream and the other for management & control and data ingest.

Regardless of the chosen distribution, you always have the option to install the system either in a virtual environment of your choice or on a bare metal physical machine.

cherryEPG has been successfully installed and is running in production in virtual environments like VMware, Proxmox and VirtualBox.

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