Frequently Asked Questions

When sending the output multicast from cherryepg to TSReader it doesn't show anything! Why?
Does cherryepg/ringenspiel only send the multicast out on eth0?
Is it possible to increase TTL in packets of the output stream?
How can I import schedule data from an Excel XLS file?
In my cable network I would like to inform subscribers of an oncoming thunderstorm. Can I use the present/following event information for this?
Each EIT contains schedule data for its own services as well as data for services in other streams. For a larger network with 200 or more services, these EIT can become very large (5 Mbit/s or more). Is it possible to reduce the size of the generated EIT streams?
Is it possible to generate multiple multicasts containing only a single service each but all having the same TSID?
Can we limit the EIT bitrate to some value?