cherryEPG documents all processes in a log that is managed by a database. You can scroll the entries from the log browser in the web interface. Depending on the size of the installation and the environment, it may be interesting to send log entries to dedicated logging servers like Graylog.

Logging to Graylog servers

For sending log entries to the external server some modifications in the configuration file /var/lib/cherryepg/config.yml needs to be done.

The section for configuring logging starts with log4perl. Please be carefull when making changes to this as it can stop cherryEPG from working.

config file

configuration for logging to Graylog server

cherryEPG will send log entries to the Graylog server in compressed GELF (Graylog Extended Log Format) using UDP protocol.
A corresponding GELF UDP input must be configured on the server.

You can test the logging from commanline running cherryTool -Z "Hello Graylog"

The result of logging to Graylog are entries like


sample entry in Graylog

Example configuration

log4perl.appender.Graylog              = cherryEpg::Log4perlGraylog
log4perl.appender.Graylog.PeerAddr     =
log4perl.appender.Graylog.PeerPort     = 12201
log4perl.appender.Graylog.layout       = NoopLayout
log4perl.appender.Graylog.warp_message = 0