In critical environments where high service availability is required, the use of backup systems is an established approach. Also in cherryEPG we recommend this preventive step.

Basically, configuring a backup server is relatively easy. You have to set-up a completely new system and install cherryEPG on it.

The network addresses should of course not overlap.

Now it is easy to upload the actual scheme to both systems (main and backup). However, since the multicast addresses are the same, this could have dramatic effects on the output behaviour.

One solution would be to adapt multicast addresses in the scheme file before uploading. Unfortunately, this would be quite cumbersome.

cherryEPG enables a simpler and much handier solution. The usage of different EIT sheets, one EIT for each server in the same scheme file.

When uploading/activating the scheme file cherryEPG is looking for the configuration of the output streams. We know this is written in the sheet named EIT.

cherryEPG is first looking for a sheet with the name EIT|{hostname}. Where hostname is the name of the server defined in the /etc/hostname file. It is also displayed in the blue badge the menubar of the web-interface.


Hostname of the server

If found this will be used for configuring the output. If this sheet is not available, the standard EIT is used.

sheme file

sheets in a scheme file with main&backup EIT

You can use the example scheme for starting.

high.xls file